Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Come and Git It!! by Jennifer Jakes

Come and Git It!

Or at least that's how we perceive the Chuckwagon Boss calling the cowboys to dinner. His voice ringing out against the clank of a "dinner" triangle…. Is that how it happened?? Well.....maybe.

While some form of the kitchen in wagons had existed for years before as families moved West for a better life, the term chuckwagon or chuck wagon is credited to being coined by Charles Goodnight, a rancher from Texas who had the idea in 1866. He started with a Studebaker Army supply wagon and modified it to fit the needs of the cook and cowboys.

First he added a "chuck" box to the back of the wagon. It had drawers and shelves and a hinged lid to serve as a cooking/ prep area. He also attached a water barrel to the side and a canvas hanging underneath to carry firewood. (Though, I've read other articles about families who did both of these things -- the water and the canvas -- before Goodnight.) Here is a really fun link that tells what kind of supplies a family headed West might pack for cooking and for their life on the trail! It's very interesting.

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