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Research Books for Writing Regencies

Research Books for Writing Regencies

One of my favorite periods in history is the Regency era. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan, love Regency-styled clothes, architecture, history, etc. 

Below is a list of books I use for researching the Regency.  Some also include history on the Georgian era. 


A Lady of Fashion - Barbara Johnson's Album of Styles and Fabrics - by Barbara Johnson.  Color reproductions of fabric samples from Barbara Johnson's album of clothing designed for her during her lifetime (mid 18th century to early 19th century).  The journal entries include fabrics, designs and prices.  This book is no longer in print but can be found used.


The Regency Companion - by Sharon Laudermilk and Teresa L. Hamlin.  This book covers a lot of information on general Regency topics.  From clothing, to gaming, to food, this book is a must have for anyone writing Regencies.  I believe it is now out of print, but used copies can be found online. 

The Jane Austen Handbook - by Margaret C. Sullivan.  A great book with general information on the Regency era.  Includes a nice section on everyday life that covers managing an estate, list of servants, social gatherings (including card games) and a glossary.

Georgette Heyer's Regency World - by Jennifer Kloester.  An excellent book on all things Regency.  Includes a section on money, banking, postal service, military history, carriages, a Who's Who list, resorts and The Season.  Several glossaries are found in the book dealing with clothing and general Regency terms.

The Jane Austen Dictionary - by Pauline E. Kelly.  This unique dictionary of Regency terms is sprinkled with notes from Austen's own writing, showing the usage of the words in her novels.


Cooking With Jane Austen & Friends - by Laura Boyle.  A great book with authentic recipes from Austen's own writings.  Aside from the wonderful recipes, I like this book's notes and details about food during Austen's era.  The book covers Breakfast, Dinner, Sweets, Tea Time and Beverages.  Available from the Jane Austen Center, Bath England.


A Map Of Bath In The Time Of Jane Austen - map with information on Jane Austen and her novels.  Available from the Jane Austen Center in Bath, England.

Bath As Jane Austen Knew It (books 1 and 2) - by Terry Old.  A fascinating look at the places in Bath that played a part in Jane Austen's life and books.  Both books include maps and color photos.  Available from the Jane Austen Center in Bath, England.


Jane Austen's Town & Country Style - by Susan Watkins. Chock full of photos and information on Jane Austen's family and life.  A must have reference book for Jane Austen fans.

The Illustrated Letters Of Jane Austen - by Penelope Hughes-Hallett.  Jane Austen's world comes to life through copies of her letters.  This book includes many photographs and a ton of interesting information about Austen's life.


Georgian & Regency Houses Explained - by Trevor Yorke.   I love this book!  Not only does it detail architectural styles of Regency and Georgian houses, there are fabulous photos!  Excellent information on building materials, windows, stairs, house layouts, fireplaces, gardens, servant quarters, and overall style details. 


To Marry An English Lord - by Gail MacColl.  This book deals with early 20th century English nobility and the American heiresses they married.  Even though it is not Regency, it's a fascinating look into New York society and the Ton with great info on the different titles of nobility. 

All Things Austen (Two Volumes) - by Kirstin Olsen. This is the ULTIMATE encyclopedia of Jane Auten's world. 

Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and Industry - Denis Diderot.  A fascinating look at arts and sciences of the 18th century.  The illustrated plates give you a wonderful insight into everything from fashion workrooms to palace interiors to bridges/architecture.    

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