Friday, June 15, 2012

A List Of Regency Servants

Upper Servants: 
Upper servants were referred to by their last names, were paid more than lower servants, and dressed in regular clothes. In large households, upper servants usually ate in their own room, separate from the lower servants who ate in the 'servants hall'. 

Steward - managed the estate.

Butler - answered the door, delivered messages, tended the candles, wine cellar, and the silver. Butlers supervised the footmen and were also in charge of the serving of food and beverages.

Housekeeper -  supervised the maids, purchased provisions for the house and was the go between between the mistress of the house and the cook.

Cook - separate from the usual staff.  Cooks were paid more than other servants and male cooks earned more than female cooks.  In large households specialty cooks were often employed to help the head cook/chef. 

Valet - tended to the Master of the house (his clothing, cravats, etc.) Did not mingle with other servants.  Valets often traveled with their master.

Lady's Maid - tended to the Lady of the House (styled her hair, cared for her clothing and jewelry.)  Often they were given the Lady's cast off clothing to keep as their own or to sell.  

Governess - separate from the usual rank of servants.  Governesses cared for the children. They did not associate with the lower household servants.

The Lower Servants:
Lower servants: were referred to by their first names, dressed in livery and paid low wages, some as low as 6 pounds a year. 

Footmen - waited at the table, served tea, did whatever was needed inside the house. They accompanied the ladies of the house on shopping trips to carry the goods purchased.

Chambermaids - tended to the bedrooms. The chambermaids were the highest of the lower female servants.

Housemaids - Followed the chambermaids in rank, cleaned the house from top to bottom.

Scullery maids - lowest of the lower female servants.  Worked in the kitchen and pantry, washed the dishes and pots. Also cleaned up after the servants meals.

References:  The Jane Austen Handbook by Margaret C. Sullivan, All Things Austen by Kristen Olsen, The Regency Companion by S Laudermilk and T L Hamlin, Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester 

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